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Dre's Faves: Pardi Gras


1. Neutral Ground + Side Walk Side Reversible Fine China // I'll start by saying I'm a Neutral Ground girl, let's be honest that's where you get alllll the good stuff but just in case you have a friend riding on the Side Walk Side, these reversible (y'all, REVERSIBLE!) sleeves of Fine China will come in clutch! These are by far one of my favorite designs to date and just in case you didn't already know, I hand-design all of the Fine China so it's totally unique and where my true love of designing lies, which is the heartbeat of Drêve.  Also, I intentionally designed these on 22 oz. plastic cups instead of foam cups because let's be real, we are toting wagons (I mean legitimate WAGONS people) to allllll of the Parades and the foam will most likely end up getting crushed and then possibly left amidst the abyss of Parade rubble and we don't have time for that.

2. King Cake Candle // The rest of the world restarts the new year with a new diet but here in New Orleans, we dive right on into all the carbs with King Cake Season! Nothing, I mean nothing smells as good aa a freshly baked cinnamon King Cake with royal icing and this Wooden Wick Candle imitates just that in the most delectable way. Plus, the Wooden Wick gives that little subtle crackling noise which is oh so cozy!  Did I mention these are hand poured in South Louisiana with all natural ingredients?! I fell in love with these King Cake candles for all of those reasons and more especially because the box says Mardi Gras but the candle itself says oh so chic!

3. Second Line Face Glitter // What can we say, during Carnival Season the more glitter the better! I absolutely love Caitlin from Kismet Cosmetics, she has been such a huge cheerleader and supporter of mine since the very beginning and her amazing line of clean cosmetics has been featured on Billon Dollar Buyer and is local to our South Louisiana area. Her line of Tinsel Face Glitter is absolutely amazing and an absolute necessity for Mardi Gras! The colors are so vibrant and most importantly it's all natural to give you a clean, festive glow!

4. Glitter Gras Shatterproof Champagne Flutes // Since we're talkin' about glitter, I have to say these parade proof Champagne Flutes are literally amazing! With glittery carnival colored layers of Mardi Gras beads, these Glitter Gras Champagne Flutes are designed and hand-made by moi! They even come with snap-on lids and paper straws to make parading in the streets even easier especially since these are of crystal-like quality but constructed of BPA-free plastic that even stack together for easy carrying (and no broken glass)!

5. Mardi Gras Skinny Metal Tumbler // Okay, more glitter! These have been a fan fave every single year and this year, I did a little update for a glittery Tumbler to make these even more fabulous (if that's even possible)! Whether you're riding in a Parade or hoping to catch some good throws, these Skinny Metal Tumblers are perfect for keeping your parade route roadie nice and cool (or warm, we truly never know what the weather will be in New Orleans).

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